2010 One-day Workshop 2010-12-30
볼런티어21 HIT 4933



2010 One-day Workshop for the Volunteer Training Method was successfully held in the Volunteer 21 Education Center on October 27th.

In this event more or less than 30 specialists in the education field from many local volunteer organizations, social groups, welfare facilities and corporations participated to discuss and learn the meaning and the necessity of the training method for the more effective volunteering management.


During the workshop participants could experience various training methods through Step 1, 2 and 3, such as way to start the volunteer training or to improve the effectiveness of lectures.


We hope every participants of the workshop lead the changes in their local communities with what they have acquired through this opportunity.


" I had a very meaningful time learning training methods which were applicable to the reality. Love you, Volunteer 21."

                                                              -- one of the participants--



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