Children\'s Volunteer School, \"A-Jah\" 2010-12-30
볼런티어21 HIT 4849
Ten local elementary school students and four project leaders from Volunteer 21 joined the children's volunteer school, "A-jah, the 2nd".

These activities of A-Jah(beautiful volunteering) has been implented every Saturday during the period of November 6th to November 20th of 2010. Children who participated in the program while experiencing the pleasure of volunteering activities themselves, could not only learn cooperation and develop their confidence but also come to understand and discover the value of the share with their neighbors.
The 1st Phase: Basics of Volunteer Activities
Children talked about the meaning, principles, the attitude and their friends' cases of the volunteer activities.
"Volunteering is a tree because we do not expect the reward of it."
"Volunteering is sharing because we share our feeling and happiness."


The 2nd Phase: Making a house for Healthy Children
Children made the House for Children the better place for their local brothers to stay by tidying up books, mopping the corridors, and cleaning shoe racks. They said they felt great about helping others.
The 3rd Phase: Using Public Transportation
To campaign the use of public transportation near the subway station Yangjae, children chose the theme and prepared slogans and survey boards for themselves. They, in the beginning worried about publicly talking but soon actively approached people on the street, requested them to respond their questionnaire on the boards and not forgot to say thank you.
Later the activity children had time to share their feeling after the campaign with friends and said "I made new friends", "Now I know about the volunteering better than before", "time of memory, achievement, consideration, proud", "I realized my volunteer activity made others happy."

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