HandsOn Korea Day-Making Book boxes 2010-12-30
볼런티어21 HIT 4724
In order to celebrate HandsOn Korea Day, Volunteer 21 had an event to make book boxes for Mara Welfare Center, one of the mentally handicapped facilities. For this volunteer activity program all of our HandsOn partner organizations joined  and implented programs from December 1st during 22days, with the theme of "Farewell 2010 with volunteering".
In this projects participants and volunteers needed combine efforts to make book shelves with woodcuts, nails, hammers and paint. This could satisfy both while participants became the subject of the activity and volunteers provided practical help for them. At around 7 pm volunteers gathered and took the Orientation for 30 mins. All project leaders were responsible for the preparation of this project from the planning stage and had to arrange all necessary stuff for themselves.

- Memos for the orientation by Project Leader
- Greetings between volunteers
After the orientation was finished the handicapped arrived and we all exchanged greetings. Project leaders were supposed to open the event with an activity, so called mind opening but due to the short of time omitted it and moved onto the box making.
- Greetings between volunteers and the guests
- Holding woodcuts tight in frame and fixing it with nailing
- Coloring the box in the beautiful pastel tone
We were all happy to have done worthy things in the farewell gathering instead of eating and drinking. The time to share our feeling and thought one another as well as the time to accomplish certain things together allowed us to realize the power of the HandsOn Volunteering.

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